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Summary Report Global Yiakl Eritrean Movement Public Seminar In Atlanta

On May 27, 2023 together with City of Atlanta and the City of Charlotte, Yiakelawine hosted the seminar of Bayto USA Yiakle. The public seminar was held at the Eritrean Community Center 720 Hambrick RD Stone Mountain, GA. The meeting started at 3:30 Pm EST with an attendance of about 40+ participants.
This was one of the first Bayto Yiakle seminars organized by the City of Atlanta and Charlotte Yiaklewian. This seminar did not give an update of the historical start of Yiakle as an organization and how it developed starting from the city all the way to its current status of being organized as a Global movement composed of 12 countries in the world. The structure of the organization is divided into seven departments that are Mobilization department, Finance department, Media department, Diplomacy department, the Strategy department, the collection department, and also ground collection.
The seminar was led by Mr. Luel Zewde the chairperson of Bayto USA and the head of the ground connection department at Global Yiakle and Mr. Hamd Salem department head of the bylaw and strategic at Bayto USA. These two leaders of the Bayto USA gave a detailed report on the historical background of how Yiakle started and on how it developed to be a Global organization. In addition, the leaders gave detailed information on the structure of the organization and its activity, and its current status. The 40+ participants who attended were Yiaklewain and other political and civic organization members were pleased with the report. Most importantly, they had a chance to ask their questions and get a clear answer from the leadership. This event gave the public and the leadership a clear understanding of what the movement is and where it is headed as an organization to bring the change needed in Eritrea to Implement the rule of law in Eritrea by removing the current regime.
Overall the seminar was successful for so many reasons, i.e this gave the city of Atlanta and the city of Charlotte to work together as members of Yiakle. It also gave the public direct to ask its leaders questions and suggestions for clarity and development of the movement. It also gave the opportunity to create a positive environment as the leaders and the public meet face to face. The public thank the leaders and the leaders also thank them for the opportunity, and they both renew their vows and commitment to work harder within Yiakle to bring and expedite the change needed in Eritrea.

Atlanta Yiakl People’s Movement Executive

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