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An Open Letter Condemning the German Government, Court, and Police for Supporting the Eritrean Dictatorship and Violating Human Rights.

Dear Honorable Government Officials, Distinguished Court Members, and Respected Police Authorities,

I, the undersigned, write this open letter to express my deep disappointment and strong condemnation of the actions taken by the German government, court, and police in supporting the festival organized by the brutal regime in Eritrea, which took place on the 8th and 9th of July, 2023. I am appalled by your complicity in allowing this event to proceed, enabling the Eritrean dictator to engage in illegal fundraising under the guise of a fake festival, and employing excessive force against Eritrean justice seekers, resulting in the arrest of numerous individuals.

The Eritrean people, both inside and outside their homeland, have a long and painful history of struggle for justice, democracy, and prosperity. Our fathers and mothers fought valiantly for the independence of Eritrea, sacrificing their lives and enduring disabilities from the 30-year war against Ethiopian regimes. Their vision was a country that would embrace justice, democracy, and human rights–a vision that has been shattered by the current leadership of the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF). Instead of upholding the ideals of the beloved struggle, the Eritrean regime has transformed our beloved nation into a living hell.

Eritrea today is plagued by countless human rights violations and the absence of basic freedoms. There is no constitution, no free press, no functioning parliament, no independent NGOs, and no respect for the fundamental rights of the Eritrean people. The regime has established a system where millions of Eritrean youth are confined as slaves since January 1994, deprived of education, income, and any hope for a better future. Families are torn apart as thousands of Eritreans are abducted from their homes, offices, and streets, without any knowledge of their whereabouts or the reasons for their detention. These innocent individuals have not been given the opportunity to defend themselves before a court, denying them the basic right to due process. The anguish experienced by their family members, who cannot provide them with essential support or even ascertain their well-being, is unimaginable.

It is against this backdrop that Eritrean justice seekers, both within Eritrea and abroad, have vehemently opposed the festivals organized by the Eritrean regime. These gatherings are not authentic celebrations of Eritrean culture, but rather calculated attempts to extend hatred among Eritreans and neighboring countries. They serve as a means to suppress the spirit of resistance within Eritrea by creating the illusion of widespread support for the regime in the diaspora. Additionally, these festivals are used as platforms to raise illegal funds that further destabilize peace and security in the Horn of Africa.

As we raise our voices against the festival organized by the Eritrean regime, we cannot overlook the irony and hypocrisy of the German government, court, and police. While they lend their support to a dictator who abuses human rights, subverts justice, and denies basic freedoms, they fail to recognize the plight of Eritrean citizens and justice seekers who are denied access to the very justice system they uphold in Germany. This double standard is deeply troubling and undermines the principles of justice and fairness that should be upheld by all.

Therefore, we implore the German government, court, and police to reflect upon the historical background of Eritrea and the struggles endured by its people. We beseech you to recognize the abuse of the justice system in Germany by the Eritrean brutal regime—a system that is denied to our fellow citizens in Eritrea. It is our hope that you will stand in solidarity with the Eritrean justice seekers and take meaningful action to rectify the harm caused by your support for the festival organized by the Eritrean dictatorship.

By doing so, you will send a powerful message that Germany stands firmly on the side of justice, democracy, and human rights, both within its borders and beyond. Only through such unwavering commitment can we work towards a world where all individuals, regardless of their nationality or background, can live in freedom, justice, and dignity.


Mr. Haile Kiflai

Source: https://snitna.com/articles/an-open-letter-condemning-the-german-government-court-and-police.php

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