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To Whom It May Concern:

I am an Eritrean living in Europe. I am also a member of a global Eritrean grassroots social movement called Global Yiakl Movement aimed at campaigning to effect change in Eritrea and to put an end to the suffering and repression of our people in Eritrea.

On September 17, 2021, President Joe Biden signed an Executive Order targeting leaders and entities, including dictator Isaias Afeworki and his inner circle, for involving in the continued civil/regional war in embattled Ethiopia, more specifically in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia. The Eritrean dictator is putting minors and youths into war for nothing other than to fulfill his ego. The European Union taking action similar to that taken by President Biden is highly recommended for securing peace and stability in that region. We believe that the European Union has an important role to play in this regard. We also believe that the European Union should follow the steps the US President has taken.

While the suffering of the Eritrean people continues, we are grateful for your stance against the regime and the plan to ‘de-commit’ away from the project which only serves to prolong the tyranny. We appreciate your commitment to bring peace and stability to Eritrea and the region. However, we are strongly convinced that it is incumbent to work and engages with you in many ways that will have a profound influence on our voices as well as bringing down the oppressive regime that further compounded the situations in the region. It’s a challenge for the newly formed global movement, but one that we’re ready for as our Movement is maturing to deliver peace and stability in Eritrea and the region.

As you know, there are thousands of Eritreans living in Europe who fled Eritrea to save their lives from the brutal regime. Notwithstanding this, there are people of Eritrean descent who were born/grew in Europe who are also part of this big grass-roots movement.

We believe the European Union taking fast action now is paramount, because:

  • It helps avoid the spillover of the conflict into other countries, and would stabilize the whole region

including the  Red Sea and Bab-el.Mandeb strait;• It helps bring peace to our people and the region;

  • It helps bring about a democratic Government in Eritrea at this defining moment of our time in the region.

Global Yiakl Movement, therefore, would like and is determined to working together with European Union across the political, social, and other spectrum of the movement. Our aim enables us to play our part as a key Global Movement. The positive outcomes from collaborative work will be felt not only by the Eritrean People but by the people of the neighboring countries for many generations to come as well.

Finally, I would like to show my appreciation to the hospitality and humanity of the European Union and its people. We have been living here in dignity enjoying the freedom and liberty that we, Eritreans, were denied in our country of origin.

If you have any thoughts, queries, or require further information about our organization, please, don’t

hesitate to contact me.


Diplomacy Department Global Yiakl Movement www.eriyiakl.com

For more information about Global Yiakl Movement, please, visit us at www.eriyiakl.com

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